Netball league team win first match of the year

Monday saw a tremendous achievement for our Netball league team who wont their first match of the year 6–2 against Wallands. Everyone played fantastically well in both attack and defense and the standard of team playing was fabulous! Well done to Daisy, Jess, Kitty, Sophia, Max, Mayan, Luca, Kaziah, Summer and Cassia. We’re now looking towards what we can achieve in our last matches of the year on Monday 20th March!!

As many of you know, the Y6s are working hard to reach their £800+ target to participate in PATINA. As well as running their own mini enterprises as part of their cafe on Thursdays they have been exploring other fund-raising ideas. Last week they ran a sponsored silence in class for the whole day. Everybody did so well with keeping silent throughout the day with nearly everyone making it to the end of the day!! They also organised a whole school dress up day this week (see attached photo) which raised over £30 in donations. We have three weeks left for our enterprise project to raise the rest of the money needed which is £280 so please do come along to their cafe every Thursday after school to support them! Thank you.

This week Ian and I began team teaching with the class for Maths and Communication work and with the children working with the partners they chose for these subjects. So far it has been successful and the children are getting used to this new system. In Maths we are looking at translating, rotation and reflection in all four quadrants. In Communication, we are exploring long and short vowel sounds, complex and compound sentences and beginning to write our own creation stories linked to project work on Evolution. Ian and I will be leading on Maths and Book Clubs next week so the children do not need to prepare for this.