After reading ‘Once upon an ordinary school day’ by Colin McNaughton, we were inspired to listen to ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ and let our minds be filled with images conjured up by the music. We listened to the music again, this time drawing the images in our art journals. Afterwards we gathered together to share our work and celebrate the work of others….

Dahlan: ‘It inspired me to draw a night sky and also it inspired me to do Harry Potter, Mickey Mouse and Star Wars.’

Sammy: ‘It inspired me to draw swan lake. And because it reminded me of swan lake I decided to draw a swan on a lake and it’s purple-y blue. I thought the purple was black! The first part was really graceful like swan lake wasn’t it?’

Noah: ‘I felt like people stamping up the stairs. The blue circles are rain drops. The green is an elephant, I saw it when I was going up the stairs.’

Charlie: ‘It inspired me to draw a monster, an angry monster.’

Lucius: ‘Mine is Mickey Mouse and it’s like from the film he goes from buckets down the stairs and he stole the wizards and his wand. And it overflowed-ed the room and the wizard went away and then he came back and helped him from drowning.’

Rex: ‘Mickey Mouse chasing the broom and the bucket of water with the water splashing out, with yellow steps. Just like in the film. The black stuff is the darkness. In the film there is lots of black darkness.’

Also, this week we have continued to learn about the lifecycle of plants. The seeds we planted last week are still hidden under the soil; it looks like nothing has, or is, happening! We have learnt a new game called Grandmother’s (Witch’s) Footsteps. The aim of the game is to creep up on Grandmother without waking her. Rex had an ingenious idea: “If we take our shoes off we won’t make as much noise!” In maths we have been matching groups of objects with the matching numeral. We have also been looking at how to date our work using the long/short date. It’s been a busy week!