We are all connected and use of the World Wide Web is second nature to many of us. Mobile and fast, we find out information as we need it and use it in our personal and work lives.

Many families find that their children are using computers and mobile devices from a very early age. Often the children appear to feel more at ease with new tech than the adults who purchase it. Families wonder about questions such as these… Is screen time challenging family time? When is it ok to be using social media? What is a digital footprint? Is my child safe online gaming?

We are required to cover online safety in school but we are also keen to do this in a way that is right for us all. On Monday 22nd May, we are planning a day in school with online safety as a topic that each class will focus upon in a way that is specific to the children in that class. At the end of the day, we’ll offer a family focused session for parents, to share experiences of keeping our children safe, engaged and challenged when online at home and at school. Please let me know the areas you feel secure in and those you would like to get more information and support for. You can find me at school or email ian.hickey@lewesnewschool.co.uk.

Fliss will be running an extra After School Club on that day for those parents who need childcare in order to attend. She will need to know numbers in advance so please contact her to book a place (usual ASC costs apply!). We’ll also have a sign up sheet in the office.