Our week has been full of looking at how facial expressions convey emotions, talking about what makes us feel happy, sad or scared, and drawing a picture depicting how we feel about school. We have been learning a variety of songs to help us remember the days of the week and developing our storytelling skills using a variety of methods.

We’ve read a number of stories linking to these topics including Calm Down Bert, Scaredy Boo, I Feel Happy, Aliens in Underpants Save the World and Here Come the Aliens – which is responsible for any alien language you may hear your children greeting you with…Oompah oompah… Kwaka waka… Oobly onkers… Inky pinky elekmar… Ooh la la!

On Wednesday, Heather started making books with us. We made a variety of books including joke, picture, fact and fiction books. Rachel carried this on in workshops on Wednesday afternoon by helping us to create stories through the medium of drama. This led us onto writing story narratives for the aliens we had had drawn (after reading about gaseous and smelly aliens in Here Come the Aliens).