Making life-sized animals

We have picked up where we left off – making life sized animals. Rex researched the dimensions of an orangutan with Rachel before drawing, cutting it out and painting it (with a little help from Amanda and Gabriel). Bobby has been drawing a variety of dinosaurs. Marla enlisted the assistance of Sophie, Edie and Amanda to help finish off her white tiger baby. Karys and Rosemary worked independently to finish their baby tiger and lioness.

Making life-sized animalsOne of our favourite activities is using the Hama beads. A few of the group have been making Hama bead animals, we have a rabbit (Karys), a bear (Edward), a butterfly (Sophie), a frog (Edie) and a giraffe (Katie). Katie was especially proud of her giraffe, “It took me 2 days! And, it is special because it is a present.” Other members of the group worked collaboratively to create hearts, a star and flowers, or to make their own creation (Rex made a flag).

In maths we have been answering a number of questions: what is the story of 10? How many ways can you make 20? Can you solve these word problems? E.g John prints off 57 pages on his computer, 32 are in colour. How many pages are in black and white?

Jazz, Vernie and Alaric have been using the small world toys to create a story narrative based on the adventures of Spidey. Spidey the spider lives in a house and enjoys lying in bed watching Octonauts.

Jacobi, Rosemary, Edward, Henry and Gabriel have been making, and displaying, posters asking for unwanted CDs. Reception through to Y4 are creating an installation for the Elderflower Field festival. If you have any unwanted CDs please give them to Heather or Amanda.

Amanda & Rachel