When returning to class after lunch on Wednesday, we found Clare turning blue and purple! We couldn’t believe it! An empty potion bottle lay next to her computer – surely she hadn’t drunk it we thought?! Smoke started to come out of her nostrils as her skin turned orange! Then a stem burst out of the top of her head! She started shrinking in height, whilst her eyes grew bigger and bigger until her eyeballs popped out! Her arms and legs vanished, as her tummy started grew wider and wider. Suddenly Clare was a pumpkin! We went to get help!

Luckily Alison was on hand to investigate and take over the afternoon register. Jacobi knew some magic words, so we decided to use them to try and get Clare back! Thankfully they worked, so we still have our teacher today! Phew!

Our invisible ink investigation continues and so far, full fat milk seems by far the best, as long as the paper doesn’t burn when heated! We will continue to experiment with different ways of heating the paper next week to see if we can find the safest way to reveal messages recorded in milk!