To start the week we learnt how to make coffee filter planets. We used felt tip pens to colour in a coffee filter, sprayed it with water and the colours blended together. It was amazing! We put them on the dry wipe board to dry and the colours blended together even more to make new colours. We learnt that Sharpies and dry wipe markers didn’t work because they were probably worn out!

We also started making a mobile of the solar system with the papier mache planets we made weeks ago. One member was really taken with this idea and wanted to make their own.

On Tuesday, we built the Tower of Doom. This was a massive challenge for us because we didn’t have any instructions and it was VERY tricky. But by working together we eventually managed to build it. Later in the day we used the tower to act out battles – in lieu of knights we had a pig that squirted milk at the attackers! We also made pizza planets. We learnt how to make pizza dough with flour, yeast, oil and warm water and practised using utensils, like sharp knives and graters, safely. Our pizza planets became the inspiration for our creative writing – my pizza planet is called Mars. This planet is cold and icy. The aliens that live there stay at home because it is cold and icy!

Towards the end of the week we explored making creations using the wedgits. Once again, we needed to use our problem-solving skills…how do all these pieces fit together? We used the scissors to practise cutting along a spiralled line to make twisty, twirly Milky Ways. We came up with a number of ideas about how to display them – we can get torches and shine them up at the things to make them look like stars at night; we could stick the torches to them and hang them from the ceiling so they sparkle… and then we can put the rockets up and then it will look like there are going through space!