Share interesting research

This week we have been learning more from each other, sharing our independent research. We were fascinated by Albert’s interest in aircrafts, learning about the early flying machines that explored the human possibilities for flight. From Leonardo da Vinci’s flying machine designs from 1485, to the first passenger aircrafts in the 1930’s – we taken aback by the passion and determination of the designers, inventors and engineers who over time actualised the centuries long dream.

On a very different subject, we were also very interested in Phoebe’s beetle research! We learnt that beetles play a very important role in nature, consuming dead matter. We were particularly interested in the dung beetles efforts to source and store dung as a food source. Pushing balls of dung that weigh twice their own body weight across sand dunes in immense heat in Africa, the dung beetle comes across many challenges on its journey to ensuring a good meal. Do look up the BBC clip on dung beetles ‘Roll with it’ – it is well worth a watch!

Finally we also learnt more about Archie’s research on the history of football. We couldn’t believe how different the game was 500 years ago, when virtually no rules existed and the winning team was the team still standing at the end of the game! It was so dangerous that the King of England had to ban it, because soldiers were so badly injured after playing they couldn’t fight! Such a variety of interests! We are so looking forward to finding out more about each other’s research next week. Have a great weekend!