PATINA fundraising

In Later Years this week the Year 6s dabbled with making and selling their enterprise products for PATINA fundraising. There was a steep learning curve as children realised that recipes really were necessary when baking and that children needed to tidy and wash up themselves afterwards (!) as well as work out their costs vs profit. A great deal of learning took place and the children will be fundraising every Thursday after school 3.15–3.30pm so please do support them in their endeavours as well as enjoying the fruits of their labours.

In Projects this week we have been looking at animal evolution through the use of a timeline, as well as examining how animals have adapted and changed over time in order to survive environments and predators. In Maths we have been continuing our work on measuring and naming angles. We are now using our knowledge of angles in order to calculate unknown angles as well as the sum of angles in certain shapes.