The children have been captivated by colour and changing their world. A sprinkle of glitter here, a splash and a squeezy squirt of coloured water there, until it was just right! The courtyard became a technicolour wonderland! “Look, I’ve made purple!” as the colours mixed together. Adding cornflour made the mix become thicker… “It’s hard to stir!” The children noticed the effects of the transformed ingredients.

“We’ve got to build a castle!” Frankie and Etta united in the challenge they set themselves. “But we need a cup of tea!” said Franke. It’s fabulous how a cup of tea can get us back on track! Others took on another challenge, as Nevaeh, Wilfie and Frankie took part in their first afternoon class… Nevaeh said, “I love it here!”

Ready for blast off and countdown has begun… We’ve had confirmation that next Wednesday’s trip is good to go. Permission slips and details have been sent out separately.