From an initial idea that ‘Girls can’t wear armour or use swords’, we found some images depicting Joan of Arc and Boudicca to shed another viewpoint which, together, the children considered and discussed. Everyone chose whether they wanted to be kings, queens, princesses, princes or knights and then decided what they wanted to happen for the day. We had some great suggestions from wearing ‘funny hats’ to ‘playing with Lego’, but ‘being a kitten’ still prevails as the most popular choice of all!  So much so, in fact, that we’re going to paint a flag with 5 kittens to raise above the castle to show when the kittens are in residence!

The activities continued with some painting the large drawing of a dragon into a vivid colourful creature, whilst others created small models using plasticine of ‘glass slippers’, ‘peas for the queen’, ‘fire’, ‘a bald eagle’ and ‘a rainbow’. The glass slipper might yet be placed on the cushion that Etta and Mimi made, using blanket and straight stitch sew the seams. Such a busy week!