Francis and his family brought in their three pet rats Storm Monster (Stormo), Hungry and Browny and we all had an opportunity to feel and see them whilst finding out new facts. It was fantastic and fascinating, so a huge thank you!

Mrs Christmas (Lauren) waved her festive cheer and with the children had lots of fun beginning to create a Christmas tree using the hand prints of the children. More decorations began with the children discovering that they could make colourful paper chains, together we counted 11 chains that are hopefully going to get even longer!

When Georgia brought in her Elsa doll, it led to choruses of ‘Let it Go’ from the film Frozen, while we listened to the song we watched projected images of snowflakes developing on the wall. Meanwhile, cutting and colouring of snowflakes emerged. Just like snowflakes, it was lovely to see how unique each one was.