Congratulations to the school football team, (Luca, Ollie, James O, Moses, Dylan, Gabriel and Henry), for playing their first matches as a team on Tuesday this week. We played 4 matches against other local schools and Dylan scored two goals! Playing real matches has made us think about what we need to do to improve and we hope these reflections help us in three weeks when we next play.

In our Maths work we have been thinking about where we are with our learning and reflecting on how we can differentiate lessons and activities so that we are all accessing the learning more effectively. We trialled some group work focussing on division skills which was very successful. The number three has featured this week with a focus on the 3x time table while the wonders of Pi (3.14…) were explored through circles and diameters.

If we can suggest that a focus for parents and guardians this term be helping your child with learning multiplication tables that would a great benefit. is a good place to start.

In projects, we have been looking back on our learning so far around our theme of Robotics, learning how to annotate photos so that they reflect our thinking and progress. We also pulled in elements of geography, looking at the countries of the world where robots have most altered the employment workforce, and had a great time finding some lesser known countries.