As Bonfire night is a huge event in Lewes we touched upon who was going and how to keep ourselves safe. Some thought it was okay to touch a rocket or the fire but after a little chat everyone remembered how to enjoy and stay safe during the festivities. Then we went out on an adventure… off to the park! How many squirrels would we see? Obi thought it would be 5, Etta and Jude both thought 2… Did anyone guess right?

The huge pile of leaves became a focus point as initially Obi started to move the leaves to and fro using a stick… ‘I’m making a path for the squirrels!’ he announced and soon Mishkalah, Solara, Francis and Oscar became curious and began to join in. The long path became wider and wider, with conkers placed at the end for them to eat. Was this path only for squirrels? ‘Yes! Err…. No! We can have little bugs too!’ The children started making smaller paths. ‘Now they will leave our big trees alone’ Solara concluded.

Once back to the school, inside our washing up bowl there was a spider! A curious, investigative group became so excited they shared the magnifying glass between each other to look at the spider more closely. Carefully taking care of the spider, holding it with extreme consideration.