In our first week back, we have been grappling with some big questions. We’ve looked particularly at driverless cars, ‘Carebots’ and military weapons. Using the ‘Trolley Dilemma’ (Google it!) as a launching platform, we had some fascinating and insightful conversations and observations. In our Maths work we have been revisiting the ‘bus stop’ method of short division. The children paired up and taught each other, taking it in turns to be teachers and students. This was very effective. If you can spend some time at home revising this division method, it would be very useful.

Next week we will be taking part in the first 4 of our football league matches on Tuesday after school. In preparation for this we will offer, after school on Monday 3.30 to 4.15pm, some additional training and practice opportunities for the football team. If you would like your child to stay behind for this please let the office know.

Y6 Projects continued this week and we are now preparing for the art element of the project. Their homework for this week is to begin the project at home and bring it to school for next Thursday to share the stage it is at with the group. Most children have chosen to use Papier Mache or, in one case, a mobile of the Planets. If additional items are required (plastic bottles, cardboard boxes etc.) please source and bring these in to school for next week