This week (if you haven’t already guessed) has been all about rockets!

On Monday afternoon Lydia (Katie and Nick) supported us to learn about rocket propulsion. We inflated different sized balloons to their capacity and attached them to a straw that had been threaded through a piece of fishing wire. We estimated how far we thought each balloon might travel before releasing it and watching it zoom along the wire.

Afterwards we theorised about why, and what made, each balloon travel the distance it had. Most of the group came to the conclusion that the larger balloons had more air (fuel) in them, which made them travel faster and further. As an extension to this experiment we investigated whether we could propel the balloons vertically (in the first experiment the wire was horizontal). We were amazed that even the smallest balloon made it to the top of the wire!

Our rocket theme continued in maths where we made Unifix rockets of different sizes, coloured in a colour by number style rocket scene and joined the numbers 1-10 on a rocket dot-2-dot.

Inspired by the balloon experiment, at the end of the week we made rockets with different style fins, which were rocketed into the atmosphere by pumping a blast of air into them. We discovered the rocket flew the furthest when it had no fin on at all! This is probably because the fin weighs it down.