Continuing the festive theme, this week we have been jigging around the classroom to a variety of Christmassy, and not so Christmassy, tunes. We have made cards wishing the recipients a ‘Merry Christmas’ and have made a few more tree decorations – this time using glittery pipe cleaners, wool and lolly sticks.

Alongside this we have been rehearsing for the Winter gathering, practicing our songs and painting illustrations of how we see each line of the ‘Seasons’ song being represented. We compiled our paintings and sound clips into a short movie, if you haven’t seen it and would like to just ask.

Toward the end of the week we gathered together as a group to plan how to spend the last day of term. The most popular suggestions were – going to the park (‘for a play’), and having a party (to include fruit skewers and Pom Bear crisps as snack, disco music and watching a film). So that’s how we’ve spent our last day of term – celebrating.