Squares, circles, triangles, semi-circles, rectangles… shapes, shapes and more shapes, they are all around us! We went around the school on a shape treasure hunt looking for objects that matched the shapes on our checklist and here are some of the objects we found: Square: wooden brick, book, computer screen, the puzzle block;

Rectangle: the T.V, large wooden brick, the door, A4 paper;

Circle: the clock, hula hoop, ball, bottle top (lid), berry, mosaic in the shelter, the tyre on the climbing frame, the planets;

Hexagon: the pagoda, the table, the pattern on the drain cover;

Star – there’s one on the dove cote… the list goes on!

We turned geometric shapes into characters, giving them names and writing stories about the adventures they might go on. We looked at different ways to start a story: Once upon a time… A long, long time ago… One day… One night… One morning… before working together on a collaborative story. Our story starts out like this…

One day Mr Pea met Mr Whoopsy. Mr Whoopsy fell backwards, rolled over and cut his eye. Princess Frankie was a doctor. She gave Mr Whoopsy two plasters for both eyes… OH NO! Now he can’t see and might bump into a tree! Mr Pea took Mr Whoopsy to the shop to buy a guide dog…

As you may have realized the inspiration for this story came from the Little Miss/ Mr Men books we have been reading.

In other news, some of the seeds we planted before half term have started to sprout. It’s exciting being able to observe and notice the changes on a daily basis.