“I know, let’s make space cakes!” This idea sparked a flurry of research on how to make the best space cake. In the mist of scrolling through recipes we abandoned finding the best recipe and went for the cupcake recipe with the most glittery and sparkly looking cakes! We discovered that food colouring changes the colour of the mixture but when the cakes were cooked the colour was not as vibrant. Also, this week we have been inspired to make characters from recycled materials (after watching an episode of Button Moon). We particularly liked the idea of making fluffy pompom characters. We haven’t used these in our writing yet but we plan to.

We learnt that a nebula can be the beginning of a star or planet. It can’t be seen with the naked eye but the amazing colours can be seen through a powerful telescope. Using chalk pastels, we created nebula inspired artwork and made our own nebula in a bottle. They are very cool!

We have enjoyed learning phonics playing the Flower Game and we’re so enthusiastic that we asked to play it independently. Such fun!