To our delight, a special delivery arrived on Tuesday afternoon: our very own invisible ink discovery kit! Resident scientist Lydia paid us a visit to help us get started with our very own potion class, following on from our interest in Harry Potter.

We experimented with a number of different substances to try to establish what makes the most effective invisible ink. Our top favourites included milk, revealed by heat; diluted highlighter ink revealed by UV light; and lemon juice revealed by red cabbage indicator solution. Next week we plan to find out what type of milk works best, by experimenting with a range of types from skimmed to full fat, and non-dairy milks. As soon as we’ve decided on our number one favourite, we’ll let you all know!

Alongside our scientific work we’ve continued to write magical descriptions of mythical creatures and create fantasy based stories. Our tonal art work is coming on well too, adding atmosphere and mystery to our individual pieces.

WELL DONE to everyone who prepared for book club this week – we were very impressed by your efforts! HUGE THANKS to LYDIA for all her support and guidance with our potion class, we LOVED IT!!!