It’s been a very productive first week back with us all getting used to new and old systems of working effectively together. We have collectively discussed which attitudes and behaviours help us to learn and focus in school and which hinder us. There were lots of common themes that we will continue to explore, making links to the qualities we value in our Learner Profile.

We have also been reviewing our knowledge of Maths and Literacy skills in order to examine areas that need to be taught, revised or embedded.

In science this week we looked at  “States of Matter”, solid, liquid and gas, and through teamwork explored their properties. Impressed that many were able to identify Isaac Newton and some of his discoveries, we then looked at non-Newtonian substances like quicksand before making our own with corn flour and water. When compressed it was solid and when uncompressed it returned to a more liquid state! More practical learning through experiments to come!