Every Wednesday afternoon we are going to focus on telling, retelling, creating and acting out stories. Last week we created our own characters, most of us pretended to be cats. Amanda and Lauren noticed that there was little structure to the stories we were creating, we were ad-libbing. With this in mind, this week Amanda started the session by reading us the story ‘3 Rocks’. She asked us to think about who the main characters were, and what props we would need to re-tell the story. After listening to the story, we worked together to find props and then we acted out the story as Amanda narrated.

We spent the rest of the afternoon working in 2 smaller groups to listen to, find props and rehearse a different story – Charlie, Joey, Franka, Wilfie, Sammy and Rex worked with the story ‘Hans in Luck’,  while Dahlan, Lucius, Nevaeh, Noah and Katie worked with ‘The Foolish Fox’. At the end of the day each group performed the story to the other. Wilfie reflected that it would have been better if we had had better costumes, “And face paints!” added Dahlan. The rest of the group agreed this would have made the performances better. We have decided to choose a story by the end of this week so that we can make props and be more prepared for next week’s drama session.

We are also having a focus on developing phonics awareness and handwriting this week. In small groups, we played alphabet lotto, the Flower game and the blends/digraph tubs. These games proved so popular that we wanted to continue playing them! Some of us were introduced to the 100 Most Common Words sheets. We are going to start using them more often to help develop our understanding of writing sentences and sentence structure. We practiced writing c, a, and d on the dry wipe boards. Amanda pointed out that all the letters start by drawing the c shape, some of us hadn’t thought about it like that! After this we practiced tracing and then independently forming all the letters in the alphabet. Amanda wanted to show us that we CAN write letters.

We paired up with some of the children from Middle and Later Years as part of a reading buddy system we are introducing for a Thursday afternoon. It was a really positive experience for us and some of us felt a sense of pride that the older children had complimented us on our reading ability.

In P.E this week we have practiced yoga and learnt 2 new(ish) team games, Sticky Witches and Krool Attack. We worked together really well in our teams and by the end of the session we were all hot, sweaty and very happy. We are all eager to play the games again, it was the highlight of the week!