There has been a buzz around the class to create and act out stories. We have a number of stories on the go at the moment: The Chipmunks: A family of chipmunks who mainly sleep, eat and adopt more babies. Some of the chipmunks have protective powers such as invisibility and the power of deflection; they also have a friend called Griffin to protect the family if they come under attack!

StorytimeThe Alien of Doom story is based on an alien vampire called Alien Takeover. The story starts with Alien Takeover creeping up the stairs and getting into Suzy’s toy box where his two accomplices, Alien Adventure/Laser Wizza and Evil Girl, join him. They jump out of the box and scare Suzy (who was fast asleep in bed). At the end of the chapter they feel ‘bad and sad’ for scaring Suzy so they use their lasers to cast a spell to send her back to sleep and they repair any damage they have done so that when she wakes up she thinks it was all a bad dream.

The third story titled Red Panda, is a story about two red pandas who are best friends, they live together on the branches of a tree and spent most of the night sleeping and most of the day being sluggish and bitey! They look after each other because they don’t have big families to look after them.

StorytimeTowards the end of the week a small group were researching what the dimensions of a snow leopard are. Their conversation led to the idea of us adopting a snow leopard. A number of the children already know that it costs £3 a month. They came up with the idea of making and selling loom band bracelets to fund the venture. We are still looking at the practicalities of this but watch this space for future fund raising events.