‘Happiness is more important than money’. ‘Sometimes it’s better not to tell the truth’. ‘Children under 11 should be in bed by 9pm’.

These are just some of the statements we have been discussing and debating this week in Later Years. We have been exploring how arguments are structured and how points of view need to be substantiated and explained using research or facts. We are now preparing for a debate next week on the topic of, ‘Everyone should have a 3 day weekend’.

We have also continued with our theme of students being teachers for the morning on Fridays. Last week Sophia, Kitty and Summer ran a morning of ‘Artistic Science’ with students learning the Science behind how to make coloured bath bombs and putty, and what makes raisins ‘dance’ in carbonated water?

Feedback from the group was that the activities and learning were fun. Feedback from the ‘teachers’ was that it was fun and interesting but hard to get everyone to listen and follow instructions!