Making of a 10m python

This week we have finished off the rainforest and arctic backgrounds and have started making life-sized animals. So far, we have made a 4.6m female Green Anaconda (the males only grow to 3m), a 10m python, a grey wolf and a male polar bear, which measures 1.5m when on all fours. Some of the group want to make animal costumes – any offers of help to make that happen would be greatly appreciated. Alongside this an animal shelter was constructed with the wooden blocks. In Maths, some of the younger members of the group have been practicing addition to 10, while the older members of the group have been learning about fractions. In our music session this week Ali taught us a greeting song from Sierra Leone – Kayai Kayai, Kayai Kayai mama Ka Ka Ka! – and a song about living in the arctic where you get to snuggle up to a polar bear or, as some of us sang, a polar pear!