Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending the excellent Meaning Conference in Brighton with Una, our Chair of Governors. Some inspiring speakers encouraged us to think differently about the most pressing and urgent issues of our time – economics, climate change, the refugee crisis, social care. We heard of the truly awe-inspiring work of Medecins Sans Frontiere, saving lives in the most dangerous and vulnerable places on the planet. We saw the touching win-win solution offered by Dutch organisation Humanitas, where students and young people live rent free in exchange for offering their time, care and companionship to their elderly neighbours. We listened as the wonderful Margaret Wheatley challenged us to reclaim leadership as compassion and integrity on behalf of the human spirit, in the face of the relentless upheaval in today’s world.

Late in the afternoon, the conversation turned to education. What would a meaningful education look like in the 21st Century? How can we prepare our children to face the challenges of their time with courage, compassion and a sense of purpose? Well, I’m happy to say the answers are clear. We need an education that encourages children to ask challenging questions and be brave enough to make mistakes. We need an education that promotes collaboration and creativity, with authentic projects that inspire an intrinsic motivation. We’ve been through some challenging times of our own here at LNS, but I’ve never felt so proud of our little school and what it is striving to achieve. Sarah, 17.11.17