Last Thursday two volunteers, Harriet and Lydia, worked so gently and thoughtfully with our class, creating their costumes, helping them to realise their visions through sewing, and stick-on jewels.

On Friday I was working outside with the willow pod group, and Lydia and James were there with other parent volunteers helping the children to create their own individual pieces, and then Lydia single-handedly ensured that the pod was finished, deftly and strongly weaving the most difficult final layers – a skill she had only learned that day.

The parents, grandparents and other visitors to our exhibition were meticulous in asking questions, praising our bread, and drawing the children out about their learning. They were also an uproariously appreciative audience for our show! It was satisfying to have relaxed time to talk with parents about their children’s creative work.

Today our parent reps had organised lifts for all the children to go to a wheat field, four drivers gave us their time and transport, and I had the pleasure of getting to know my chauffeuse better.

So, at the end of this week, and the culmination of a term’s work, I feel happy, fulfilled and grateful that I have found my place as part of this team of intelligent, generous, resourceful people. Many thanks to everyone and happy holidays!