Using USB microscope

We’ve been learning how to use the USB microscope. We each found an object that we placed under the microscope, the rest of the group tried to guess what the objects were from the magnified image. Some things were easier to recognize than others e.g. we all knew when the leaf was magnified but the feather was harder to recognize as it looked like a striped jumper.

We have also been exploring how to manage our feelings and behaviour within the class. We started by discussing what we want our classroom to be like: no kicking or punching, no interrupting and no taking the iPad were a few ideas. Then we looked at a number of posters other schools have in their classes to give us inspiration.

We tried to make our statements more positive. Instead of don’t do this or that, we tried to think of the way we want to be and the things we want to do. A few statements came up a few times. We’re honest. We listen to the teachers. Put your hand up. Be grateful. Be kind. Be safe. Keep your hands to yourself. Be ready to learn. Keep your classroom tidy. Play with your friends. Always share. We don’t fight. Do your best. Try to be kind in class. Look after the teachers. More unique statements include …Have fun. We don’t hurt people in the school. We are colourful and creative. Don’t call people names. We’re cool. Be responsible. We love learning when we’re in school. Always practice reading. Be strong. Respect your personality. We’ll display these in the classroom, adding photos to the statements to show first hand examples of us in action.