This week we welcomed Georgia, Oren, Iona and Solara to the nursery. It was lovely to see families reminiscing when they recognised each other from the past and saw how their young ones have grown so much. These special moments are bountiful from the children. The art for us grown-ups is trying not to miss them.

As the adults rekindled their friendships, the children started on theirs, working together to discover new wonders. Being passionate about learning through play, we have seen many ‘moments’ of discovery, awe and wonder. As Vygotsky wrote, ‘in play, it is as though he were a head taller than himself’. This week has been testament to this, as the children worked out ways to obtain juice from oranges and explored how to control water… ‘It’s weeing!’ (Oscar), ‘We can’t get the juice with its coat on!’ (Jude), ‘Can I do it again tomorrow?’ (Mishkalah). You certainly can!