This was the topic of our debate this week in Later Years. Children decided which side they wanted to debate and prepared ideas and arguments they believed might come up during the debate. We looked at how debates are organised in the houses of Commons and how people there let each other know they want to speak next so that everyone gets an equal say. Each child contributed some insightful and relevant points, which were then substantiated such as; ‘if everyone took a 3 day weekend what would happen to all our vital front line services?’ ‘School days would have to be longer so that we got enough education, ‘it would be easier to organise childcare in families’, ‘would there be enough people to work in hospitals?’ ‘People would earn less money so they wouldn’t be able to go on holidays’. It was an enthusiastic and impassioned debate, which finished with an equal number of votes on both sides and two children who remained ‘undecided’.

Jude and Loui were teachers on Friday running an exciting morning of music. They taught us how to compose music using 4 different Apps and we had to work together to compose a piece of music, which was shared with the group. We were also given the challenge to design and make a musical instrument using junk materials such plastic bottles, rubber bands, sellotape, cardboard, tin cans, glass bottles and containers. The group fed back that the morning was educational with us learning new skills of musical composition through the use of digital apps as well as learning how certain materials work better when making percussion instruments because of their density or the air inside containers. Big thanks to Kitty and Jess for taking a vital role in our teacher interviews this week. As part of a panel, the girls had to ask candidates questions, take notes of answers, give feedback and make evaluations based on certain criteria. They worked diligently, reflectively and responsibly throughout, thinking about the needs of the class, staff and school as a whole. Well done Kitty and Jess – what a fabulous experience to have had.