What do think would hatch out of an egg like this…?

Wilfie: “A massive ghost came out of my egg.”

Sammy: “Crows hatched out of my egg. 9 crows hatched out of my egg. Squawk, squawk, SQUAWK” they said.

Noah: “It’s a caterpillar but it hasn’t turned into a butterfly. It’s already got its wings but it’s not a butterfly yet, it’s called a Butter-pillar.”

Lucius: “My egg hatched out a very ordinary egg but then it cracked out and a little baby T. Rex popped out. But it wasn’t any ordinary T. Rex, it didn’t eat meat, it ate plants!”

Katie: “This is when it’s showing you the egg and this is it showing you what the bat looks like inside.”

Rex: “The egg has a really tiny invisible speck in and then there was a giant explosion and the tiny speck came out.”

Charlie: “The thing that hatched from my egg was a blue pterodactyl.”

Dahlan: “It’s a dinosaur egg. When it comes out it’s a pterodactyl that grows into a T. Rex. And I sawed the dinosaur actually and then it built up and out came a T. Rex. And then it attacks every animal.”

Joey: “When it’s cracking it says ‘cheep’ and when it cracks open it says ‘cheep cheep’ and then it grows into a rooster. It’s a chick then it grows into a rooster.”

Franka: “Me and Nevaeh are blossoms and we’re on the same team. I’m called Bluebell Sparkle and Nevaeh is Bluebell Sparkle Shimmer and the two of us are fairies. And there’s a big massive fairy in here and we try to crack open the crack but there was nothing in there, it was dead. And those are the windows, you can see the other fairies through the window. They’re called Sunshine Meadow and they have pets like bunnies that have tiny eyes.”

We made observational drawings of an egg (not real eggs, a variety of different shaped and sized ornamental eggs) and using our imaginations we expanded our pictures to draw what might hatch out of the egg. We used these ideas to create characters that we started to write stories about…

Charlie: “One day a pterodactyl was flying at darkest night, it was looking for a person to eat!”

Rex: “One day I went to the car park. I got out of my car. I found an egg, it hatched into a…?”

WIlfie: “The BFG ghost went to the supermarket to buy some treats. It brought donuts and cakes and it took them home, he ate them up, he buyed some sugar he made some cakes. The end.”

We have started to make 3D models of our characters that will we use as props to help us act out our stories.