Whole School Dress Up Day

This week in Later Years we have been looking at reflection, translation and rotation in our maths work as well as using co-ordinates in all 4 quadrants. Revising our knowledge of shape and angles from the last couple of months has really helped us with this work.

In Projects we have been exploring Creation stories from around the world and in different religions, and how these oppose the theory of evolution of Charles Darwin and the Big Bang theory. This had led us to discussions about what we might believe about the creation of the universe and human beings – it’s been an interesting journey of thought for many of us!

The Y6s have been incorporating some market research in their PATINA enterprise projects – finding out from their customers which of their products sell best and which need to be ‘discontinued’! We have also been looking at profit against costs and how we could possibly reduce our costs when we are shopping for our ingredients.

yr5 dramatic playThe Y5s have been continuing with Joanna in the writing and performing of their own dramatic play, which they will be performing for the whole school community on Thursday 30th March at 2.30pm in the school hall. Please come along and support them.

There is another opportunity for everyone to help the Y6s PATINA fundraising next week with our Whole School Dress Up Day on Tuesday 7th March. You can come dressed up in whichever costume/disguise you choose, simply donate 50p to PATINA and the Y6s will be extremely grateful.