In the evening of our first day back after half term, we adults will come together for the second of our Whole School Meetings of this year. Those of you who attended the last meeting will remember that these meetings are designed to follow a particular flow. The first was to set our intention, and refresh our vision as a school and a learning community. The second, this coming meeting, is a call for action and engagement in the key issues facing the school at this time.

In these politically tumultuous times we are growing more passionate about the importance of our work. It is vital that the school continues to exist for our children and for our children’s children too. At the meeting parents, staff, governors and trustees will explore together the different options for sharing the cost of running the school so that we can ensure accessibility and fairness while providing the income and support the school needs to flourish and grow. We will be sharing progress on marketing the school so far and inviting your participation on taking this essential work further. There will also be an important consultation on fee structures.

We will be meeting in the hall from 6.30pm for refreshments and mingling, with focused conversation starting from 7pm. Following the meeting, we will be putting together a survey, so those who cannot make it will have an opportunity to share their views and those that have joined the discussion will have the time to reflect. We very much hope you can join us. The Whole School Meeting Team (Sarah, Linda, Una, Sophia, Lydia and Rachel!)