We started the week by exploring the answer to these questions: What is the most effective way to join CDs together? Will our lily pad float?  As a group we shared of knowledge of how to join things together: masking tape (Sophie, Karys); string (Edie); we could use the glue gun (Alaric); duck tape; double sided tape (Jacobi, Henry). We then used these methods to join 5 CDs together before testing whether they would a) float in water, and b) whether the adhesive would start to dissolve in the water.

We discovered every method of joining the CDs together worked, although we were quite surprised the CDs glued together with the glue gun didn’t come apart (from previous experience we know that objects stuck together with the glue gun often do!). They all floated (even when we put heavy objects on them) and none of the adhesive dissolved.

Before deciding on which method to use to construct our giant lily pads we are going to ask Caroline (from So Sussex) which one she thinks will be most suitable – we want to use the method that will cause the least amount of damage/pollution to the wildlife.

In other news we are starting to think about what our next project might be. Ideas include: learning Latin; making vegan Chinese food; learning about life in Syria; learning karate and learning more about Lego. We have decided the broad theme of the project will be ‘Countries of Interest’.