Children learn deeply when their learning is inspired by their own curiosity and imagination.

We trust that children are capable learners. Children at Lewes New School actively explore the world together, exchanging ideas and learning with and from each other. We actively foster a culture of collaboration and debate.

Teachers bring their experience and knowledge of the world, suggesting new possibilities and ensuring learning is rigorous and challenging.

A human-centred curriculum

Our curriculum supports and develops each child’s holistic wellbeing and their capacity to learn. Work is rigorous and challenging but relevant to the child.

It encompasses the art of communication through speaking and listening as well as literacy, mathematics and creative self-expression through the arts.

The world itself is interconnected so we favour an interdisciplinary approach. Through a focus on co-created, enquiry-led projects, children make connections between the things they learn – and between themselves and the world in which they live.


“Parents always say childhood goes too fast. Just one of the things I love about LNS is the chance it offers to be more connected to my children as they grow up.”

Sarah, parent