After LNS

We cannot predict the opportunities and challenges that our children will face in the future. For them to lead fulfilled and meaningful lives, it is clear they must have the ability to build and maintain positive relationships, to think creatively, to be adaptable and resourceful, and to never stop asking questions.

Our human-centred approach empowers children to come to their own decisions about who they are and who they want to become. Trusted to make decisions and voice their opinions, they identify their own personal values and grow in confidence, resilience and engagement. This supports a genuine readiness for our children’s next steps into secondary school.

The range of educational experiences our children go on to is as diverse as the children themselves. Many go on to our local comprehensives and achieve great academic success. For a small school we have an impressive track record of children taking on student leader roles such as Head Girl or Boy, which is testament to our students’ confidence and integrity.

Some have achieved prestigious arts and academic scholarships at independent school, evidence of their motivation and ambition. Others pursue their passions and interests through self-directed learning.

Students at Lewes New School leave as adaptable, innovative thinkers and collaborators with the courage and creativity to shape a compassionate and sustainable world.

“What makes the school special? Children don't have school uniforms and they call teachers by their first name. For me, these two small things make a universe of difference to the children's relationship to learning - and to those who help them learn.”

Leo, parent