Here’s our Year 6 at their Go Karting trip in Lancing. After getting fitted out in the all the gear, we had our safety briefing before we went track side.
The children were in 125cc karts while Craig and Sean (Ollie’s Dad) were in 200cc karts. The boys quickly got the hang of the steering and braking /accelerating and it wasn’t long before they¬† were whizzing around at about 40mph! Thrills and spills a plenty and certainly a workout for the arms as the karts were tamed going into corners. We were supplied with detailed data on our performances times and were thrilled to see that we had got faster over time as we became more accustomed to the karts and the track.
This data will form the basis of a maths/science lesson on forces and speed/time/distance graphs. And they thought it was a Jolly!