A warm welcome to Mandy Rose, our new Headteacher at LNS. Mandy comes with a wealth of experience leading independent, state and international schools in the UK and abroad. Mandy has held LNS in her heart since she first visited many years ago, and brings with her a deep respect for the individual, their stories and aspirations. She also brings her lovely dog, Benito (which means ‘Blessing’ in Spanish!), who has already secured the love and affection of us all.

Welcome too, to Craig Sullivan, our new Later Years teacher, who brings almost 20 years experience of secondary school teaching experience and a passion for science, music and sports. His enthusiasm and energy is proving infectious as we embark on a new term here at LNS.

Last, but certainly not least, we’re grateful to welcome Peter Murray. Peter is taking the meaning of his role of ‘Caretaker’ to heart, and is committed to taking great care of our beautiful old buildings and all the people who use them.

We feel very lucky to have you all and hope you feel at home!