Term dates 2017-18

Summer Term 2017

Term finish Tuesday 18th July (12pm for picnic in the park)

Autumn Term 2017

Term start Thursday 14th September
Term finish Friday 15th December
Half term Monday 23rd – Friday 27th October
INSET days Mon 11th, Tues 12th & Weds 13th September

Spring Term 2018

Term start Thursday 4th January
Term finish Friday 23rd March
Half term Monday 12th – Friday 16th February
INSET days Wednesday 3rd January

Summer Term 2018

Term start Friday 13th April
Term finish Wednesday 18th July (12pm for picnic in the park)
Half term Monday 28th May – Tuesday 5th June inc (restarts Weds 6th June 2017)
INSET days

Thurs 12th April

Bank Holiday Monday 7th May

Mon 4th & Tues 5th June

Autumn Term 2018

Term start Wednesday 12th September
Inset days Mon 10th & Tues 11th September

“What makes the school special? Children don't have school uniforms and they call teachers by their first name. For me, these two small things make a universe of difference to the children's relationship to learning - and to those who help them learn.”

Leo, parent