Surfing is so much fun and can be enjoyed by anyone willing to. However, you have to be trained and ready to take on the waves with steady feet. As one of the oldest schools in Broadstairs, Nr Margrate in Kent, Joss Bay surf school offers awesome lessons, turning armatures into professionals in no time.

An overview of Joss Bay Surf School

This surf school is a licensed provider of surfing lessons for pupils. They have been in the business for a really long time, and have a strong team of ISA qualified instructors who are also holders of the Surf Life Saving GB Beach Lifeguard and Surf Coach Safety & Rescue Awards. With these, you can rest assured of the quality of their teachers.

Also, Joss bay surf school also has affiliations with the local authority, Kent County Council and the national body, Surfing England. Their numerous licenses and qualifications are capped with a wealth of experience in teaching surfing.

As an addition, Joss bay surf school also offer lessons on SUP (stand up paddling) for those who are willing to learn or trying out their hands with a kayak boat. SUP is currently one of the fastest-growing water activities around the world.

Joss Bay Surf School Services

Joss bay surf school offers basically two services, which are surf lessons and SUP lessons.

Surf lessons

Surf lessons are surely on the list, as Joss bay is, after all, a surfing school. The lessons are two hours long, and are equipment inclusive, therefore you only need to come with your surfing suit and towel. You would be learning as part of a group of 16 people maximum. Also, the class is divided into 1 hour 30 minutes of teaching time, and 30 minutes of free practice. The available schedules under this lesson are:

  • Half-day experience for beginners consisting of a single individual group lesson;
  • Full-day experience for intermediate learners which consists of two group lessons;
  • Thruster experience containing three lessons for advanced learners;
  • The ground swell experience consisting of 5 lessons for professionals.

All lessons except the half-day experience can be split across a number of days and do not all have to happen on the same day.

Stand up paddling lessons

This is the other service that Joss bay surf school provides to students. For this, you would be part of a group of a maximum of 10 individuals. Just like surf lessons, it also comes with all equipment inclusive, except for your towel and surf suit. It is a two-hour session that is broken down into a 1-hour coaching time, and 1-hour for free practice. However, your instructor would remain on ground. The available schedules under this are:

  • Half-day experience for a single group lesson for beginners;
  • Full-day experience consisting of 2 lessons designed for intermediate learners;
  • Thruster experience, which is a 3 lesson section for advanced learners;
  • The ground swell experience consisting of a 5 lesson session for pro SUP.

In addition, you can also decide to split your lessons across several days for all the schedules, except for half day. Half-day is a single lesson that you have to complete the same day.

Joss bay surf school is one of the best ones around. They have a team of qualified coaches and wealthy experience which you can trust.