From a rich history to arguably the best British surfing school, Fistral Beach is iconic in every way. It’s no surprise that it attracts tourists from all around the world. The beach also hosts the world’s famous Boardmasters Festival in addition to its already impressive portfolio involving dancing, lots of fun, and of course, world-class surfing. The Fistral Beach school is therefore very prestigious, and here’s everything you need to know about it.

Why is Fistral beach the best for surfing ?

Fistral beach is not on top for no reason; some of them include:


If you’ve ever surfed on this beach, you would have realized its endless and highly consistent waves that keep coming. Basically, there are really no flat spells. Also, the size of the waves varies from one part of the beach to another.


In the Fistral beach school, you would receive all the equipment you need to learn effectively. The center is a one-stop for everything you could need to make a perfect experience like restaurants, surf shops, takeaway foods, and much more.

Natural Beauty

The fact that it’s a surf school doesn’t mean it should look dull and shabby. Fistral beach looks awesome as a world-class surfing spot, with nature helping out in throwing rugged headlands.
These features make the school, which is located at the beach, a perfect location for students.

Fistral Beach School

Fistral beach school is the UK’s largest dedicated surf higher for those looking to learn. They have a team of professionals and qualified coaches who offer lessons based on abilities, groups, individuals, groups, and more. Basically, it’s a situation of state your desire, and we would make it happen.

As a plus, equipment is free during lessons, therefore, you would be paying for an all-in-one package. Some of the lessons they offer include:

Surf lessons for families

Regardless of the level of your family, Fistral beach school coaches can meet your expectation and professionalism. If you prefer individual training, or group or as a family, they would make it happen. Essentially, this lesson covers the basics like how to carry the surfboard, catching a wave and stand, to more professional surfing skills.

Surf lessons for groups

Fistral beach surf school also accommodates groups learning like a school, scout, stag hen, hen parties and military groups. You can decide to have your lessons in small groups when the class is large, or take a more combined approach. Whichever decision you make, one thing that is sure is the coaches’ ability to train each member at his or her ability.

Surf lessons for individuals

If it’s just you who need a lesson, the school would simply dedicate your own coach, who would personally see you through every stage of learning if you are a beginner. For professionals, advanced lessons would be the order of the day, with constant feedback as you progress. Lessons are 2 hours long.

Some benefits you’d enjoy from using Fistral Beach school are:

  • Fun and safe environment
  • Top-quality equipment
  • Multiple lessons
  • All equipment included changing roo
  • RNLI Lifeguard & ISA qualified tutors

Although you have to bring your surfing suit and towel along, other equipment are available in the training center. There are other benefits like a food store, changing room with lockers for safekeeping.